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Download Phase 10 APK for Android (Latest Version , Get Phase 10 Apk For Android | AAPKS All Android Apks, Phase 10 v3.6.0 Apk Full | Download Android, Phase 10 for Android - APK Download -, Phase 10 Pro 3.6.0 Apk for Android -, Phase 10 (APK) - Free Download, Phase 10 Apk + Lite Apk android -, Download Phase 10 Pro + MOD APK -, Phase 10 Pro APKs | Android APK.

ReviewsI love Phase 10and would love to be able to rate this a 4 or 5 but there is way too many ads for that. And some ads are geard towards adult rather than kids that play this. Lastly, when you invite a friend to play with, they have to respond in a certain amount of time which i dont think is convenient. It would be nice if playing with friends would be easier. Overall it's a fun game with great first I thought the game was really strict on your "runs of" phases and that they had to start one the number 1. even though that's not how we play as a family, whatever. then after losing 4 rounds I finally got my run of 7 and I tried to put my 1 up to start "laying" my cards out and the game wouldn't allow it. so I'd forever be losing to the bots. I tried force stopping and restarting the game and the issue still persists. I'd enjoy this game a lot if it actually allowed me to play my cardsAt first it would work just fine but after 2 weeks it started taking sooooo long to load. Got a new fone and i wanted to see if it would work, nop! Cant pass the loading game part. Gets to 15% and stops. It would be awsome if this got fixed cuz the times i was able to play i did really enjoy it. It was a nice time killer.To be honest this game kind of sucks. I love Phase 10 in real life but this game is garbage. Every single turn the computers get a full phase dealt to them and rounds ends constantly without you even getting to play a single card. I played through 2 full games and not once did i get past 2 turns without the computers getting their full phase, even with the game play set on the slowest setting and them set on easy.Well after nearly two years thought id give it another chance. less ads but the AI always wins. ive played multiple games and not even come close to Winning. think they want you to use boosters to get an edge against the AI so that way you are tempted to buy more. nope to me boosters are cheating and if i need em to win then its no fun for me. Uniinstalling again and never coming back.I love Phase 10 but this app freezes up all the time while I am in the middle of a game. I also get a partial black screen so that I can not see the cards and then have to end the game without even playing. It stinks when I have no clue who I am playing against and can't apologize for the app messing up. 2 stars because I have only been able to okay a couple of full games.I love this game! I play it all the time. I'm not loving the new update that doesn't allow you to watch an add to play the phases of the different "levels". Also free coins now only available daily instead of every 3 hours sucks too. Other than that, fun game!WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT BUY THE PAID VERSION. Not unless you want to lose access to all free boosters. Its a disadvantage not an advantage. I messaged support. If I am refunded i will give this game 5 stars. Without that I am going to stop playing. Infuriating to see free wild cards I cant click on.I love phase 10... but this game is frustrating. after watching ads to get enough coins to play one level the computer goes out on its first hand. Kind of frustrating. I'm also not going to spend 1-2 bucks on 200 coins for that to happen again... waste of money. that combined with too many ads and the game freezing up-- you dont play too much.I love this game and it is very fun but the ads after every round get annoying. I understand you have to have ads so the game will be free but there is such a thing as overkill. Other than that the game is definitely worth it. Not too challenging and not too easy. Also, don't like the fact you can only play two games without cpins and then each round you play costs coins. Basically forcing people to spend money in order to play.This game is rigged to make you lose. I won the first game I played and haven't even come close since. It's obvious they want you to spend money to get more wilds so you can stand a chance. Also way too many adsAs many stated there are too many adds. The AI "cheats" and rounds take less time than their ridiculously long advertisements. And since the update on January 30, 2019, the game won't even load at all. It freezes on the magmic page. Don't waste your time.It's a good game but there are too many ads and every once in while I get a prompt asking me if I want a more personal experience. Which normally would be fine but there is no option to answer it. I've tried everything and the only way to get it to go away is to close the game and open it back up, which is getting really annoying.Game is too biased. Seriously go out on first hand every hand?? love this card game, but frustrating that it's almost impossible to win because computer "players" get phase on first card EVERY hand. Once in a while is fair, but no fun to never really get to play.i really love this game. im addicted! i played the real card game growing up with my mom. theres a few kinks that could be worked out. but for the most part its great. it does freeze occasionally as well as go slow af! and theres a lot of ads but nearly as much as some games like skip bo.I love Phase 10 and I used to love this app, but there are so many ads now that it's impossible to enjoy it. Also, I could forgive the fact that this game clearly favors the computer players (if you don't use power-ups or watch ads for a wild card you will not win) if I didn't have to watch more ads between rounds whether or not I even had a chance to play before a computer player went out.The ads are annoying. A few here and there I can understand but every round is nuts. Besides that, the game itself is actually enjoyable. I have no issue beating the easy computer players, medium are difficult, havent tried the highest grouping yet. I have played a few random people and wish I could play more than just 1 live player. But, overall a good version of the game.This use to be my favorite app. Now I thinking of uninstalling it because it's so bad. it's all about the greed of the company to make money. Commercials and you can never win playing against computer. I go to play games to relax and walk away more frustrated then when I started then why play it. I sure miss the simple version where you could just play to have fun and avoid all the coins. I even payed for the game years ago and it was great back then. Sadly commercialism has won out again.this game is not as enjoyable as the real life card game. This game is more programmed against you. computer players will complete their phases within a couple turns every time. Half of the time they will even go out when making their phase. Even phases like 2 sets of 4 are made within a couple pulls. They don't even rotate the dealer like normal. Whoever goes out brcomes the dealer. So it's possible that you can go never getting a first turn. hope you like micro transactions for a winning chanceThis app is a horrible version of phase 10! I love playing phase10. With real cards. It is near impossible to beat the bots. They often go out on their first pick up EVERY round. While you stay stuck in the same phase hand after hand. If I could give it no stars I would. Permissions. Phase 10 is a free Card game which is rated 3.60 out of 5 (based on 70 reviews). Phase 10 can be downloaded and installed on Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above. Phase 10 can be downloaded and installed on Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.. Phase 10 Is magmic,phase10,lite,card,phase application.Get Free Phase 10 APK Free Download Version (com.magmic.phase10.lite). App developed by Magmic Inc File size 79.27 MB..
Phase 10 v3.6.0 Apk Full is a Card Android game Download last version Phase 10 Apk For Android with direct link The official Phase 10 App on Google Play!. The race is on, and it’s new & improved! Advance through a rummy-type card game until you are the first to complete ten phases in the official Phase 10 app, available for Android phones and tablets!. Phase 10 Pro 3.6.0 Apk for Android Offline. Official Phase 10 is here and it’s better than ever! Let Dolores guide you through all the exciting new locations and new Phases to play.. Download Phase 10 app for Android. The official Phase 10 App on Android for Free!. Virus Free. Phase 10 Apk + Lite Apk for android. Phase 10 is a Card Game for android download last version of Phase 10 Apk + Lite Apk for android from revdl with direct link. Free Download MOD APK Android Phase 10 Pro . Description . Official Phase 10 is here and it’s better than ever! Let Dolores guide you through all the exciting new locations and new Phases to play..
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