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phase 10 card game rules

phase 10 card game rules

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phase 10 card game rules
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Phase 10 Game Rules - How to Play Phase 10 the Card Game Skip to content Menu Phase 10OBJECTIVE OF PHASE 10: Complete all 10 phases firstNUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-6 PlayersMATERIALS: Phase 10 deck (110 cards)TYPE OF GAME: RummyAUDIENCE: 13+INTRODUCTION TO PHASE 10Phase 10 is somewhat like but is more closely related to Liverpool Rummy. In Phase 10, there are 10 different matches or phases that must be fulfilled in order to win the game. This game was invented in 1982 by Kenneth R. Johnson and is now sold by Mattel. Like Uno, you are trying to shed all the cards in your hand, however, unlike Uno this is done through melding cards into phases.THE CARDSA Phase 10 box consists of 110 cards: 2 reference cards, 24 x 4 number cards in red, blue, yellow, and green, numbering from 1-12 twice. There are also 4 Skip cards and 8 Wild cards in the deck.Skip Card: This card forces the next player in the rotation to forfeit their turn. If it is the first card flipped over, the first player loses a turn.Wild Card: These cards can represent any other card in a phase. However, it can not be reused.PHASESA Phase is a set of particular cards that fulfill the criteria for a particular phase. The cards must be revealed flat on the table for others to see. If you can not complete a phase in a single hand you must try again the next hand, you can not jump around phases. The hand is finished when at least one player either forms a phase or discards all their cards in hand. According to official Phase 10 rules, the phases are as follows:Phase 1: 2 sets of 3 (two 3 of a kinds)Phase 2: 1 set of 3 & 1 run (sequence) of 4Phase 3: 1 set of 4 & 1 run of 4Phase 4: 1 run of 7Phase 5: 1 run of 8Phase 6: 1 run of 9Phase 7: 2 sets of 4Phase 8: 7 cards of 1 colorPhase 9: 1 set of 5 & 1 set of 2Phase 10: 1 set of 5 & 1 set of 3Set: A set is a group of cards of the same number, color does not matter.Run: A run is a sequential set of cards, i.e. a run of 7: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Color does not matter.THE PLAYThe game can accommodate 2 to 6 players. Pick a dealer, they shuffle and pass each player 10 cards, face-down. Keep your hand secret. The cards that remain form the draw pile. The top card is flipped over beside it, face-up, this is the discard pile. The player to the dealer’s left begins.Draw a card from the draw pile or discard. Add the card to your hand. Discard an unwanted card.Make a Phase. You must have all the needed cards in hand. Place the phase in front of you.Play moves clockwise until someone completes a phase and goes out. The first player that goes out is the winner of that hand. The deal moves to the left at the beginning of a new hand. Cards are gathered, re shuffled, and hands re-dealt.HITTINGIf you hit you can get rid of 2 cards in hand during a turn. If you wish to hit, discard cards in hand by adding them to your phase or to another player’s already completed phase. This can be a stragetic measure to use if you wish to be the first player to discard all your cards first that hand.GOING OUT FIRSTBeing the first player to go out in a round means you get to advance to the next phase and hand. Also, players who had cards remaining in their hand must add them up.Number Cards 1-9: 5 points eachNumber Cards 10-12: 10 points eachSkip Cards: 15 points eachWild Cards: 25 points eachGaining points is not ideal, the player in Phase 10 with the lowest score wins.WINNINGThe first player to complete Phase 10 wins, they will always have the lowest score. If multiple players reach Phase 10, the player with the lowest score is the winner. If the scores happen to be tied, replay the last hand an attempt to Phase 10 again. The first player that goes out wins the game. REFERENCES:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phase_10http://www.tactic.net/site/rules/FIN/03140.pdf [Total: 0    Average: 0/5] Leave a Comment Cancel replyCommentName Email Website Recent Posts ArchivePages © 2019 • All Rights Reserved • Scroll back to top . Phase 10 is Fundex card game designed for two to six players. Players compete to complete 10 sequential phases, with the first player completing “Phase 10” being the winner.. Phase 10 is a thrilling card game which can be played by 2 or more players. The competition is all about the rush to complete the ten different match ups otherwise called phases..
INTRODUCTION TO PHASE 10. Phase 10 is somewhat like Uno but is more closely related to Liverpool Rummy. In Phase 10, there are 10 different matches or phases that must be fulfilled in order to win the game.. Phase 10 is another popular card game by Mattel, the makers of Uno. This card game resembles Rummy, but the main difference is that you have to complete 10 different types of match-ups or Phases, in order to win the game.. Completion of a phase means you can progress on to the next phase till you reach, and complete, phase 10. This is a relatively simple game to play, once you have got the general rules figured out, that shouldn't take long.. The phases are to be completed or played in order. Each player at phase 10 card game can make only a single phase per hand. Keep reading to know the phase 10 rules, scoring and point instructions.. Phase 10, a card game created in 1982 and produced by Fundex Games, is a variation of the card game Rummy. You must play “phases” to lay your cards down and play cards on other people’s phases to lay down all your cards in a hand.. 75 results for phase 10 card game Save phase 10 card game to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow phase 10 card game to stop getting updates on your eBay feed..
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