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phase 10 21 30

phase 10 21 30

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phase 10 21 30
30 Phase session | Phase 10 | BoardGameGeek, Where can I find Phase 21-30 for "Phase 10" game? | Yahoo , Mattel Phase 10 Card Game: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games, Gyromite/Game A/Stages 21–30 — StrategyWiki, the video , phase 10 | eBay, Spin Off Phases | Phase 10 Card Game Wiki | FANDOM powered , Phase 10 variant - 20 phases, reverse, tie-breaker phases , Rules of Card Games: Phase 10 variations - Pagat.com, Phase 10 - Home | Facebook.

Subject: 30 Phase sessionMy other half, who of late is always up for a game of phase 10, and I decided to give the 20 sided dice a roll to choose which phase to hit.We played with 20 phases to choose from see my thread 20-phase-variant for a list of the phases.I started off on a real roll 10 phases completed in a row with a score of 30 points, Madeleine on the other hand managed 4 phases and 410 points. The first phase needed was 3 sets of 3. I managed to grab that one in 4 hands with only one wild card Madeleine was ready to go out on her next turn but I beat her to the punch.For the next it was a run of 8. This one took us a little longer but we both managed to lay out the phase with 2 cards still in hand and it finally came down to the luck of the draw unfortunately for me Madeleine drew a wild card combining it with a card already held she was able to hit me and it phase over.Incredibly I then had a run of good luck; 5 straight phases and going out before Madeleine managed to get a phase on the table. I must admit to getting a pretty good run of wild cards though.I figured this was going to be a wipe out for sure, how wrong can you be.In the next round Madeleine managed 10 phases with 230 points to my 6 phases and a whopping 585 points.This set of 10 turned the tables on me and really knocked down my point score.The first phase (#9) and second phase (#8) went straight to Madeleine leaving me with 75 and 95 points respectively. I then managed to regain some dignity managing to go out on 3 of the next 4 phases by laying out a run of 6 + a set of 2 cards of 1 color (one of our new phases) ,a run of 7 and going out leaving Madeleine down 60 and 10 respectively, Madeleine retaliated with the next run of 6 + a set of 2 cards of 1 color but I managed to get the phase out but was one card short of the trifecta. A run of 4 + 6 cards of 1 color saw me take out Madeleine leaving her with 80 points.A simple 3 sets of 3 and 1 set of 5=1 set of 2 left me with 85 points apiece. On the 3 sets of 3 Madeleine went out on her second turn, leaving me no chance.The next 2 phases saw me take both sharing one of them, Madeleine was left with a further deficit of 75 pointsThe next 3 phases went horribly wrong for me the first; a set of 9 netted me 115 points which were followed quickly by 60 and 70 point deficits for the missed 5 different sets of 2 and 3 sets of 3.This brought up Madeleine's 10 phases a shocker of a round for me, However after two rounds I was still in the overall lead with 16 phases down and 620 points to Madeleine's 14 phases and 640 points.The final set came down to me with 10 phases and 220 points to Madeleine's 7 phases and 455pts.I started the round with another 2 losses and a further 90 point deficit, (though I did manage to get a phase out) this meant I had lost 5 hands in a row; was Madeleine on a roll?Not so! a run of 8; a magnificent hand I must say, one with with 4 Wild cards & a skip, saw me go out on my first turn wiping the smile of Madeleine's face and leaving her with 100 points in hand (not as bad as my earlier 115 points as it was pointed out). Just to make it worse for her I followed it up with a run of 9 leaving her with another 60 points.A brief glitch - just a mere run of 4 + 6 cards of one color being missed left me with 60 points. But then it was off to a run of 4 phases down with 3 wins:1 run of 6 + 2 cards of 1 color: Madeleine down 60 points1 run of 7: Madeleine down 10 points1 run of 6 + 2 cards of 1 color : Me down 5 points1 run of 4 + 6 cards of 1 color: Madeleine down 85 pointNot bad 4 phases down and a loss of only 5 points. I was feeling pretty confident, bad mistake; Madeleine wiped me out on the next to hands again leaving me with 75 and 15 apiece.I finished the game with 2 more wins with a run of 4 of 1 color and a run of 8.The 3 set scores were:Me..10 Phases 30 points .... Madeleine .. 4 Phases 410 pointsMe....6 Phases 585 points .. Madeleine ..10 phases 230 pointsMe..10 Phases 220 points....Madeleine .. 7 Phases 455 PointsThe total score after 30 phases and 2 hours of play wasMe:26 Phases & 835 pointsMadeleine: 21 Phases & 1095 points. Subject: 30 Phase session My other half, who of late is always up for a game of phase 10, and I decided to give the 20 sided dice a roll to choose which phase to hit. We played with 20 phases to choose from see my thread 20-phase-variant for a list of the phases.. Best Answer: I couldn't find any variants that had more than 20 phases for Phase 10, but the two links below only share a couple of extra phases, so while you wouldn't be able to play a full 30 Phases you could play more than 20..
Phase 10, typically, is played in 10 rounds, or phases, which have different goals that need to be achieved. Completion of a phase means you can progress on to the next phase till you reach, and complete, phase 10.. A * next to the phase number indicates that two pipes need to be held down in order to clear the stage, so you will need to spin one of the Gyros.. Find great deals on eBay for phase 10 and phase 10 card game. Shop with confidence.. Phase 10 Card Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site WatchGOT MarvelCard Twilight Zone . This is why Phase #20 isn't a 10-card phase. 3 tie-breaker phases: These phases continue the game if and only if more than one player completes Phase #20 at the end of a hand. If more than one player completes Phase #21 at the end of a hand, continue to Phase #22.. Phase 10 is a commercial version of the traditional card game Contract Rummy, but while Contract Rummy is played with standard playing-cards, Phase 10 uses special cards and has a somewhat different sequence of contracts..
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