luteal phase 9 10 days

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luteal phase 9 10 days
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HiI had no medical treatment. It was really 1 1/2 years of us Hi,We spent the 1 1/2 years trying on the wrong dates before we decided something must be up. I had been charting all that time but because I was looking for signs at day14, I didn't think to look beyond that. I only used two cycles worth of of sticks to put all the info together and realise I have a late ovulation/short luteal phase. We started trying a week later in the cycle than before.DS1 was conceived two months after I fully understood my cycle. DS2 was about 9-12 months to conceive but we were going through a very stressful time organising the relocation, me finishing work, leaving the uk etc.I fell pregnant the second time the weekend I left my (awful) job. Was the lack of stress at that point a help? Maybe. DS1 was conceived when DH resigned for a better job.I'm waffling, but hope some of this helps.. hi there - a friend has completely regular periods but they are short - and the luteal phase is around 9-10 days - she is currently undergoing tests. she is convinced the short luteal phase is stopping her conceiving.. Best Answer: I had a short Luteal Phase - about 9-10 days last year and had two miscarriages. I started taking 100mg of Vitamin B6 each day and the first month it went up to 11 days, and has now gone to 14 days, without any other drugs..
The luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is the phase after ovulation and before the start of the period. If you are charting your menstrual cycles then this will consist of the phase post ovulation, usually calculated from the first day on which your basal body temperatures is above the cover line until the day before your period.. I'm on my 4th month of ttc no 2 and have noticed my LP is 9 days. After doing a little googling, bad i know, I'm all worried about scary sounding lut. Anything below 10 days is known as a luteal phase defect so you're borderline I suppose! Have you considered a dose of b6! I had a 10 day luteal phase and now after taking b6 daily it's 12 days!. Thanks for posting about this op :) I'm having really short luteal phases lately it's odd. Last month my af was 5 days early and this month I have had spotting already at 6 days early!!!. Snap lol, just posted something similar about our daughter. She’s just had a bfp at 11 days post ovulation, last month her luteal phase was just 8 days, we’re keeping everything crossed it doesn’t come away.. 10 days is long enough to get pregnant, but only just. as you say, vit B6 can lengthen it and so can vitex (depending on the cause of it being shorter than average).
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