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just dance now unable to connect

just dance now unable to connect

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just dance now unable to connect
[OUTDATED] [tutorial] FIX "Just Dance Now" connection errors! (February 2017), Can't connect with Just Dance Controller :: Just Dance , Just Dance Now - How to Connect to a Second Screen, Just Dance Now - Known Issues : JustDance - reddit, Technical Questions - Ubisoft Support, , , , .

I had connect my laptop and phone to the same wifi, but the app wont detect my laptop even the game cant detect my phone too, had somebody have same issue like me?Update: I had solved my issue, i tried with my friend phone with bigger screen or phone with screen resolution above 800x480 and it works fine and btw his Android OS is same like me that is Kitkat 4.4.2, so it's all about your phone screen resolution, not OS or your PC/Laptop issue, finally I know how to fix this issue, If you have phone with small resolution, I think you have to upgrade with bigger screen one hehehhe or we have to tell the app developer to fix this issue...Update2: If it still doesn't work, make sure the game doesn't blocked by windows firewall, and try to set static IP to your computer/laptop and your phone so they can easily connected each other, and hope it help...Note: So I just checked my phone vendor website, and there's update for my phone to upgrade into lollipop, and hope after doing this, the controller app will work...Final: Ok guys, when I update my phone into lollipop 5.0 and then my phone become unstable, so I do factory reset on my phone, and I try to download the app again and now app works like magic! all button on main sceen are touchable, and I can't wait to play this game with my own phone, btw Thank for your help and respond into my discussion and see you in the game XD . FORTNITE DANCES VS REAL LIFE THAT ARE 100% IN SYNC! (Daydream, Flux, Electro Swing, Smooth Moves) - Duration: 10:02. Meow Royale 2,342,652 views. yeah because just dance now use room system so you just enter the room number and then play the game Well, now I bought an wi-fi receiver and still doesn't work. And, again, same problem here..
️🔊Watch the latest trailers, reviews and interviews from Just Dance Now - How to Connect to a Second Screen on Gamereactor UK Cookies Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website.. -I bought the Just Dance 2016 song pack and now it’s not available: This is because the Just Dance 2016 songs are now a part of the global catalogue of songs, and you can use coins to play any of them whenever you want. We have also credited your account with 100,000 coins.. When prompted in the Just Dance Now app, scan the code and the game should connect to your dance room. 4- Done! You should now see that if you select a song on your smartphone, it is also displayed on your computer screen.. . . .
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