Get to know me

Get to know me!

I’m originally from Kent but moved to Devon just before my teens and immediately fell in love with the place- the beaches, the moors, the sense of space and the fresh air. Driving back past the ‘Devon’ sign on the motorway always makes me smile!

I live just outside of Exeter with the most beautiful girl in the world, my wife, who supports and inspires me in equal measure, and our two fab children whose energy knows no limit, as well as a varying list of furry and feathery friends- cats, chickens, ducks. We have a veggie garden and one day we’d like to live on a smallholding by the sea.

When I’m not photographing I’m happiest going on adventures with my family, especially if there’s ice cream involved… and with a five and seven year old around, there normally is!

I also love swimming, cycling, walking, the fresh perspective that open spaces give me, Pilates, meditation, tinkering with our ’69 VW camper van, listening to and playing music, reading, cinema, cooking, meeting people, camping, old cars and motorcycles, the smell of wild garlic, sunsets, firework displays, travel, inspirational quotes, cities at twilight, fish and chips by the sea.

I’m a self-taught photographer and I have a degree in Psychology, which I think helps enormously with photographing people :-)

I photographed my first wedding in 2004 and knew immediately that I’d found my thing! My photographic style is inspired by the work of dedicated photojournalists around the world risking more than most of us would to tell their stories. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to light and composition in art. I find movies very inspiring too and people often describe my photography as having a cinematic style.

I take my work very seriously, but it’s also important to me that this should be an enjoyable experience for my couples. I’m very proud to be writing this now with a strong business and truly wonderful clients.

I love my job!