Why do I choose to spend my working life photographing weddings and why do I insist on doing it the way I do? It’s easy to describe ‘what’ I do, and ‘how’ I do it, but ‘why’ is a bit trickier. Why am I a wedding photographer and not one of the many other things I could have chosen to be?

These are the only photographs I have from the weddings of my parents and grandparents. In the first it’s 1938 and Mary is 27, George is 26. In the next it’s 1943 and Joyce is 20, Charles is 23. In the last it’s 1967 and my Mother is 18 and my Father 22.

These family photographs are beautiful and precious to me but I just don’t feel they represent those twenty-somethings having the most exciting day of their lives so far. They’re old photographs but the people in them aren’t old and I know that people in their twenties then weren’t so different to people in their twenties now!

I wish I could somehow see their days from beginning to end- all the wonderful moments that make up a wedding- and feel the emotions they felt, see all the people they cared about sharing that wonderful day, feel like I was actually there!

That’s what I do with my photography- capturing the whole story and feel of each day as completely as I can. And to do that you have to be there- from getting ready in the morning until the evening dancing, and everything in between. I don’t do half days! I don’t leave after the speeches! Why? Simply because it’s so important and because I want my couples, and their families, to be able to look at those pictures and immediately know what it felt like to be there.

So there!